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Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.6

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Thnk you for the update. Auto-install on sculptures is awesome

I found a few problems:

Limbo Catalysm makes arbitration drones invulnerable. 

Arbitrations still have low spawn rate to hold up survival missions.


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48 minutes ago, Guilden_stern said:

They already implemented it. Just logged a few hours ago and was pleasantly surprised to see a 12-hour Resource Booster as one of the rewards offered among 3x Neural Sensors and 3x Detonite Ampule.

I know they can be part of the selection but I'm not sure if they are always part of a selection. 

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Please check Helios scanning together with synthesis scanner. Was going after an frame fighter fragment and helios refused to scan it, but i could scan it manually.

I know it was supposed to be fixed 1 or 2 patches ago, but there seems to still be an issue with it.

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2 hours ago, Taintknight said:

*PLEASE FIX EMBER.. She didn't need the range nerf to stop people from going afk.. The way she is now, people can afk with her more just by switching into OE and Stretch and few other range mod...
*Also in the future, I hope Arbitration mission will have a mode where MR 20+ dont get the 300% buff. It is all fun to play with buff, but no challenge at the end, unless you try to use 0 rank weapons. ❤️

Also what would be more challenging and fun than removing the buff is adding friendly fire or sudden rad proc <3..cause WHO HERE WOULDNT LOVE IT 😄 ❤️

Also Pupacyst description says *cocoon at the tip of this staff* o.o but isn't it a polearm?? 

Highly disagree: MR doesn't have anything to do with builds or being a veteran, and assuming high MR means either of those things is a huge issue I wish to avoid. Endgame content should challenge my skills, not my patience in releveling everything multiple times to fit a perfect build that would be otherwise completely unneeded. Also, sudden rad or friendly fire doesn't really sounds good to me, personally, either, since frames and tenno weapons are made for killing enemies, and everyone would just one-hit or one-shot everyone else, usually without even noticing.

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I've noticed the changes made to the Operator clothing were reverted (the Vahd scarf being on the Suit, the Ceno neck stuff being on the Suit, the Koppra leggings having and extra bit above the leggings, the Varida hood being a small circle and the rest put onto the Suit, etc.). Were these changes not intentional? Because in my opinion they looked way better, and it's kinda sad to see it gone.

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1 hour ago, Voltage said:

I am thoroughly enjoying the game mode


1 hour ago, Senguash said:

I'm really glad there's still attention being put towards making challenging content. It's not perfect but it's really damn good!


Eh?  Really? Its that great?    I mean....its just.... lvl 60+ enemies along with some "Nullifier reskin" drones....   oh and one life limit, that is very useful if you need to extract asap.

Untill DE added 4 revives, we had only one.  It was normal back then.  So they just "fixed" their own mistake they did few years ago.


Gameplay is same as any high level Corpus mission. Take out Nullifiers and then Nuke the map. Or Nuke first and then kill those who survived under Nullifier. 

The only difference is drop table and one life limit (that doesnt affect gameplay untill you die btw).    There is nothing to praise really.  Its....very average.  Just a modifier of existing stuff.

...I guess i expected too much.....its a f2p game after all.

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2 hours ago, AnFangs said:

Please revert Plains Archwing rubberband ceiling flight model to the non-rubberband ceiling it had in its prior Hotfix 23.9.1 state.


1 hour ago, Melos-mevim said:

the controller binding bug where you can't block if its bound to left trigger is still persisting, seriously please fix this its kind of a big deal for anyone who does a lot of melee and uses that binding


1 hour ago, vaarnaaarne said:

Movement (that is, running during combos) is still locked for most melee.


It's been almost a week, this is a pretty considerable issue for anyone using a controller on PC Warframe, please. Fix this.

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3 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Improvements towards Vomvalysts spawning underground while fighting the Teralyst and Hydrolyst.

Now seems that Vomvalysts do not come to Teralyst in it's healing phase, instead they just spawn in the center of it granting full HP to teralyst 😞

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It has been almost one week since the Chimera updated broke the Password input in the login screen by misinterpreting a lot of characters and there has been 0 official mentioning about it. (Or any reaction to my support issue)

All online posts regarding the problem only mention changing the password to a trivial one as a solution, yet you keep posting about activating 2FA as you are "concerned" about the account security... very disappointing!


Like this


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Can we PLEASE have the weekly alerts placed at the BOTTOM of the list instead of the top - like they used to be?!  It makes sense to have the more volatile alerts (ie frequently changing) above the more stagnant ones (ie less frequently changing).

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