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WTS Melee Stances 10p each

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Stances currently available:

Crossing Snakes x8 [Naramon, Dual Swords]

Sundering Wave x7 [Zenurik, Machetes]

Sinking Talon x4 [Zenurik, Dual Daggers]

Fracturing Wind x3 [Unairu, Fists]

Reaping Spiral x3 [Naramon, Scythes]

Spinning Needle x3 [Vazarin, Dual Daggers]

Burning Wasp x2 [Vazarin, Whips]

Gemini Cross x2 [Madurai, Tonfas]

Seismic Palm x2 [Vazarin, Fists]

Atlas Vulcan x1 [Vazarin, Nunchakus]

Blind Justice x1 [Madurai, Nikanas]

Clashing Forest x1 [Naramon, Staves]

Coiling Viper x1 [Zenurik, Whips]

Homing Fang x1 [Naramon, Daggers]

Iron Phoneix x 1 [Unairu, Swords]

Pointed Wind x1 [Madurai, Daggers] 

Rending Crane x1 [Madurai, Heavy Blade]

Shimmering Blight x1 [Zenurik, Polearms]

Sovereign Outcast x1 [Narmon, Tonfas]

Stalking Fan x1 [Zenurik, Scythe]

Swirling Tiger x1 [Zenurik, Dual Swords]

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