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Simaris Daily Synthesis Not Announced


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Build: Chimera - Hotfix 23.10.6

Issue: The usual announcement by Simaris at the start of a mission in which he tells you the Daily Synthesis Target is present doesn't appear, despite the target being present in the mission (and being scannable).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get Daily Synthesis Task from Simaris (Scorpion x 4 in my case)
  2. Load into a mission with the appropriate tileset for the target to spawn in (Grineer Shipyard in my case when I confirmed this was a bug, although I had already noticed a complete lack of announcements from Simaris previously in different tilesets).
  3. Equip Synthesis Scanner
  4. The blue and orange particle trail appears, pointing to the Synthesis target, despite no announcement from Simaris.
  5. Upon finding the target, it can be succesfully scanned and contributes to the Daily Synthesis Task.

I was starting to wonder whether my Synthesis target was spawning at all but now I know I probably missed a few simply because Simaris wasn't announcing them at the start of the missions.

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