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Kuva mission: (Defense) concept and parameters



Hello,  thank you for taking the time to read this I just wanted to submit an idea and get general feedback. I’m proposing a kuva defense mission much like Tamu(kuva fortress) where in players kill a marked/buffed enemy pick up kuva catalyst and bring to def objective. There would be two marked enemies per round (scaling +1 after wave 20) with the obj taking 30 seconds to extract kuva from each catalyst. The defense objective would hold 4  Kuva catalysts max at one time. This would still allow for smeeta kavats and Resource boosters to be viable. Rewarding players with good teamwork and synergies to reap the most from gameplay. Each kuva catalyst upon extraction gives 600 Kuva x5 waves(2 per round) = 6000 kuva base(no booster). I feel that this is a decent balance between time investment and reward. Seeing as any riven after 10 rolls cost is 3500, five minutes for almost two rolls sounds fair imo. Let me know your thoughts or additions on this idea. Mabye it could happen 🙂

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