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Warframe causing artifact blocks.


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Hey there, so earlier today while playing Warframe I started experiencing freezing but not total freezing, here's how it goes:

The screen completely freezes but I still can hear my input commands, I can hear me double jumping, shooting and hear the menu pop out when I press ESC.

This happened every mission after some minutes so I decided to google and it said turn off PhysX but it seems that options does not exists anymore in Warframe (the most recent thread about this problem was June 2017)

I decide to update my drivers and when playing Warframe not only the game froze in the same way but I also got artifact squares.
I made sure the GPU fans are working, temperature is stable and this only happens with Warframe.

I tried others games like Overwatch, Division, Conan Exiles, Rust and Rainbow Six Siege and all run fine.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance.

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