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WTS - Adaptation - Shaarpshooter - Cautious shoot - Power donation -(New Mods)

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Just a warning for anyone considering these dumbass prices, check warframe.market so you don't get scammed. Example: Adaptation is 80-100p there, not 450p like this kind fellow is selling it for. Ridiculous.

Edit: Appears the prices are out of ignorance, apologies for the harsh tone above. See his 2nd post.

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7 minutes ago, Bombarder0 said:

I am sorry

but I asked before on the clan chat and they said it was 450 for their max rank

My apologies then, thought the price was on purpose. 275-325 would be a more realistic price for a rank 10 Adaptation. (Just as a fyi, put the mod rank's in your original post) gl with sale.

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