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i have ben playing warframe for some time now and i still like it very much but one thing that might make it better would be that the syndicates factions in the game get more attention becaus, yes they do give us missions and for doing that give us nice stuff but  the way its done now it all ways feels like the Tenno are fighting a never ending (gorila war)

witch they are i know but if we do there missions the syndicates say things like: (O thank you Tenno we realy needed you to do that it was realy inportant).  and it may feel good or nice when you hear that for the first coppel times but after playing 1300 hours you dont care at all about the syndicates not one bit you just want there pionts and leave i think that this is a shame because i WANT to care about the syndicates and i think that they should get a (Big Battel) mission were you can see why they need your help so much and this can be like a sort of (EVENT) because right now you see no progression in there efforts (not conting the new relay). what do you guys think about this idea ? 

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