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Can't Use Gear with Controller


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Using a PS4 controller through Steam, when I bring up the Gear Wheel in a mission, there is no button that selects the gear to use. I have a dedicated button for the first item on the wheel (archwing launcher), and that works, but I can't use anything else.

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Same. Attempting to add or remove gear items (emotes as well) using a controller on PC while in the equipment menu also does nothing. Thankfully I haven't been doing any Derelict farming lately. I realize controller support on PC may be a minority issue, but a fix would be greatly appreciated. 

Update: I've mentioned this on another thread, but I've been able to get the gear wheel working. In order to have the gear wheel work, do not go into big picture mode on steam, log in with keyboard and mouse and leave the controller off/ unplugged. I go to equipment to check the wheel before plugging my controller in, but it has worked like normal afterwards. Hopefully this helps until DE can resolve the issue. 

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found a temporary fix
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Same. Xbox controller via Steam. Warframe won't recognise my controller at all unless I use the Steam overlay. Synthesis broken without it, as is getting around Plains of Eidolon.

9 hours ago, DragonScythe said:

Also can't interact with friend requests and player names for chat options


 This, too.

These last few updates have been consistently breaking controllers. What's going on? It would be great if a dev stepped in to let us know this stuff was being investigated/fixed.

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Just incase this will help anyone:

Using XB1 controller my gear wheel works correctly. Previously it was “X” to use selected item, now it is “A”. Open wheel, navigate to the item, “A” to use.

  • I did not tell it to use a different button, it just does.
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My setup:

PC playing warframe through Steam Big screen mode and using it's controller support to play the game.

Usings a PS4 controller cable connected


Problem: Cannot interact with the new gear wheel in equiment screen. Thus not being able to select add or remove anything from the gear setup.

Problem: Cannot interact with the gear wheel ingame, thus not being able to select or swap to items on the gear wheel.


Impact/limitation for bug

Cannot use Dragon keys (unless I relog disconnect controller, play keyboard and mouse to equip dragon key, restart with connected controller and I can play derelict0

Cannot do Sand of Inaros mission

Cannot interact with 50% of the content within Plains of Eidolon.

Cannot have any interaction with the Simaris hunting system due to scanners not equipping

Cannot collect any scannable objects

Cannot collect Kavat DNA data..

Conclusion for impact: Very high, makes most of the interesting/fun content ingame unplayable for any controller user.

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Having same problems, Can't use gear wheel on missions.  It instantly uses/equips whatever is the 1st slot.  Appears for about 000000.5 seconds and disappears equipping/using whatever item is on the gear wheel.  Highly annoying and did not occur until that one tiny patch about 4-5 patches ago. Really wish they would play test this stuff more.

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I have a friend who uses a PlayStation 4 controller and he is have the gear wheel issue. I am using an Xbox One controller but I also not having any of these issues that I am hearing and reading. I personally don't have big picture at all in use that isn't configured at all I just plugged my controller in my USB on my PC and click and play Warframe and the game automatically picks up that I am using a controller. I don't know if anyone with a Xbox controller just plugs in an plays or they use big picture mode configuration. If you are using big picture mode stop using it all together that may be your problem. If you're someone who is using a PlayStation 4, Switch, or any other controller I guess go get an Xbox controller an do what I said before plug in and play don't use big picture mode.

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