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Emeber prime rework


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6 minutes ago, Quickpuff said:

Ember prime reworks is bad 

Why? Explain...


You are very late with this 'feedback' though.

7 minutes ago, Quickpuff said:

Any new players you should not play her in till you have all other frames 

she MR Fodder

This is a bad suggestion. If you want to use something as MR fodder, get it earlier so you can then sell it and use the slot for something else. Rather than paying 20 plat for a slot for the frame you do not want to keep.

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Will she was damage monster before the rework she did not even see enemies  only there remains but because she was so weak af.

But now she is weak af and does no damage overall her rework was a big nerf.

I had her before the rework I forma her too and level her up with the best but MR fodder. bs. at the end


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I think her accelerant is better then world on fire because the will not attack.

range is B S and power is ""what power there nothing""

and players were complaining that she killed everything to fast but now barely kill anything 

these game is fast paced and frame need to do damage 

rework more like nerf 

if they call these rework then do rework on equinox

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Also don't you feel like she has no real damage over all I get the fact you have to build her tanking but that is not way it should be.

or maybe they can her 4 to something more usefully.

because that range get so short in long runs.

and the fact you have to but tanking means she has less out put of power.



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