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Adaptation mod suggestion


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The way the mod works is that if you receive dmg, eg 50, and say 30 is slash and 20 is impact, the reduction will go toward the slash and continue stacking a slash resistance so long as slash is the higher value.

When the slash resistamce is at max, you now have a 90% resistance to slash (this case 27 so only taking 3 slash dmg) however the impact remains the same 20. 

This is okay looking at just 50 dmg, but in terms of higher level runs where enemies are doing 50k amounts of dmg, its kinda useless having a 90% resistance to 30k slash is all well and okay but theres still the 20k impact pounding your warframe's bootyhole. 

With that type of dmg going at you itd be best to not have the resistance and just bend over for the bombards because at that point it just makes no sense. 

My suggestion is so have the mod work in such a way that you have the resistance decay slowly over as the duration of the resistance runs out (maybe 25% of whatever built every 5 seconds (using maxed mod)). With this, once a resistamce is at the max 90%, it will now be building a resistance for the second highest dmg from the source (from example would be impact). Once the more dominant resistance begins to decay, the focus would now be on that one. Capped again and then back to the now higher type. I think this would also help with the inconsistency of the mod.

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Idk, adapting against high-level enemies will be a difficult task anyway. i believe that any change could spoil or make it very strong,it is already well usable in most cases, if I need resistance beyond reach I use an ancient one.

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