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11/10 Simaris Scan Bug with Repro


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I encountered an unusual bug tonight in regards to Simaris scan targets. I managed to achieve 11/10 Anti-moa synthesis and repeat the 11th scan of the Anti-moa ~5 times.

Current Scan Target was 3x Napalm with 1 scan completed. Current Research Target when I discovered this bug was 9/10 Anti-moa. All scans were completed at Sedna: Rusalka while Corpus were occupying. I don't think it matters but at the same time there was also an Alert at the same location with Grineer as the enemy but no scans were done in this alert mission.

The first time I wasn't paying attention and ran the mission, completed the scan and extracted all while thinking I was completing my Napalm target. The second run I realized it was an Anti-moa and that I hit 11/10 scans completed. I then worked to see if it was consistent. Every time I loaded up the regular Capture mission with Corpus occupying Simaris would say a target was there. Each time the target would be an Anti-moa and each scan would announce 11/10 research scans completed. I would receive the appropriate amount of rep for each scan but it never triggered that Anti-moa research was complete. I did verify later that the research is completed.

It's a pretty rare bug with some odd circumstances but I thought I would at least post about it in case you guys wanted to hunt it down. I have some screenshots for proof if necessary but all they show is an Anti-moa and the 11/10 scans completed.

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