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Orokin Def and Intercept - New layouts and tiles?


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1) Void Defense and Void Interception use the same mission layout every time. It's this one with the path of trees, and balconies surrounding the central point.

It works well enough for defense, but is not very interesting for interception. This is a map of the interception layout. Point B is where the defense objective sits, and there is a door at waypoint 1 blocking view of point D. I'm not clear on how the AI decides which points to go for, but it seems like enemies go for points A and C way less than B and D, even when A and C are undefended and able to be captured.

I feel that that point B should be up the stairs further back from where it is now, in this area. Now there is a larger distance between each point. C and D are ground floor points, while B and A are first floor points.


2) There are a lot of spaces that already exist in other Orokin Tower missions that would suit defense and interception. It might create some nice diversity in relic missions and sorties to see some of these tweaked to suit those game modes.

Big Tree Room. Already used in Onslaught missions. Could create a very tight interception mission here with two points above and two below, and lots of enemies running around. The tree acts as a central point of cover similar to the Grineer Sea Cave Interception mission.

Long Trap Hallway. A central defense objective could work here. Might need to remove the trim I am camping on, otherwise it will be like the old Derelict Defense mission where you could stand completely out of harm and spam tonkor at the objective.

This multi-level room has an interesting layout. The tree could be replaced by a defense point.

And with some adjustments, the entry room for Orokin Survival could work as Defense, or one part of a larger Interception mission.



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