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How is this still not fixed? Add a 'sync' button in the challenges window.

So many people have stuck challenges (achievements) in their Warframe profiles.

Some people have unlocked challenges, but they fail to unlock the related Steam achievements.

I had to use 'Steam Achievement Manager' to force some locked achievements.

Right now the challenge 'Champion of the People' is stuck on 4/10.

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16 minutes ago, -.SP.-G43riel said:

yeah it's been like for a long time
When you try talking to Warframe Support about that, they say it's steam fault
Try to reach steam support several times, they said it's DE fault, also asked if i could use Steam Achievement Manager, got permission and used it

When the Warframe profiles have stuck challenges, that's DE's fault.
When Steam achievements don't unlock, that's also DE's fault.
Hence the reason for my posting of this on the official forums, and not on the Steam community forums.

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I can not find all the caves today either: C, I do not know what else to do. Does this problem persist for you yet?

hace 2 horas, dzevadbih dijo:

Can you pls fix Achievements bug -Vallis Spelunker
Explore all of the caves in Orb Vallis - cave 29 not have

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