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Arbitration... why would you play them?


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I feel Arbitrations just dont actually work.



The adverticed +300% power to a frame, is more often then not, useless. 


cause since you need to unlock the whole star chart to actually do it, chances are, you have a few decently if not, good, Warframe builds decked out.



This includes weapons. 

By this point in the game even if you started recently. by the time arbitration is unlocked, you will most likely have a few weapons forma'd at least once or twice. Got a build for it. Possibly, just possibly even a riven or two. If your lucky, for a weapon you like or use alot.


Given how most abilities are 'capped' strength wise and dont benefit you (except in very few frames, where you might forgo strength for duration, or range or efficiency, loads of us are more then likely sitting on frames that has 'whats best on offer' all around.


Urrghh im gona feel like a chroma fanboi here. And i dont even like to play him.



So far i can recommend ppl to go into Arbitrations with a level 30 Unforma'd Chroma prime. Or even a regular Chroma with 1-2 Forma. 

Get 166% power, then slap rest into vitality and duration mods. 

Honestly. You dont need anything else. 


Even if Chroma isnt on rotation, hes still going to solo this to wave 20+ like it was a level 10 mission. 




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While i do agree that in most cases the p.strenght bonus is either useless because of the capping or because the drones already negate it, i gotta say i rather have them mix them up even further.

Add in range, duration, energy. health, shield and armor too. Lets make it into a madness.

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I wanna do arbitrations with odd weapons I've formaed fully when they get the 300% damage buff, but that buff doesn't work currently so I have little interest in doing them. Probably gonna do some when my resource booster runs out and I have nothing better to do and it's a good one like infested survival, but other than that no.

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