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UI getting stuck


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I can't provide a lot of information as to how and when it happens but my UI get's stuck a lot to the point where I have to alt + f4 to fix it.
This mainly happens after closing menus like weapon mods warframe mods etc and when reading warframe abilities and also 9/10 times happens in the arsenal.
If there is a fix please help it's annoying 🙂

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44 minutes ago, Kracken said:

A report is most useful if you provide information on how you get your UI to lock itself. 

Also pepare your ee. Log when it happens 

it's kind of hard to say it mostly happens when I exit from changing mods back to the arsenal and then the "equip, upgrade, appearance" buttons are stuck and dont respond the rest of the game is just stuck however hovering the weapons does change the preview on my warframe but thats all the game does.
escape or any other button also doesnt work


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