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hello,  i know a few  VI people who are completely blind, and they  are able to play this game, and them playing with me and not being able to aim, or play like a normal people, made me talk to them and ask a few stuff that'll make them play this game better and post it here in hope of DE making this game more accessible to  vissually impared people. ***note i'm not blind, though my eyes have some issues when looking to light and detecting some colors and i really apritiate the themes you've added to this game to make easier for us to detect menus and etc.

this may sound strange, but yeah, blind people do play this game, but they use melee most of times, i've seen my friends play and there's no reason that this topic needs to be strange for you, just go search youtube you'll find even more!

now how to make this game more accessible?  well,  adding  text to speech to game menus and texts,  sonar for detecting walls, and etc, and adding  an aiming system for the blind to be able to aim with hearing the enemies, there are lots of audiogames with these features. and if this feedback picked interest of any of devs, and want to do something about it, tell me i will give you more info.

sorry for my english.

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