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Sanctuary Onslaught join issues


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I haven't played a massive amount of Sanctuary Onslaught but have only noticed this issue in recent weeks.

If any player joins a session but hasn't loaded into the game until Round 2 starts then the portal to Round 3 will not appear. The time will run out and portal notification pop up but the portal will not appear and all enemies stop spawning. The only way through is for all late-comers to leave at which point the portal will finally arrive but you've then left to continue with a smaller group.

As a small side issue that I've also experienced lately. If you load into the game while the Round 1 Portal is still active but don't get through it before all active players you're immediately sent to the mission complete screen. e.g. I loaded in with an active portal and 15 seconds on the clock. As I started to move I saw the second of the two active players enter the portal and I was then ejected from the game.

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