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More Configs!


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A, B, C just simply isn't enough for a lot of weapons. How hard would it be to just add 3 more?

(note: another build for any arbitration because you don't build PS when you get whatever frame for arbitration)

Some Warframes

Banshee: DPS RQ, CC quake, balanced solo, resonance, silence.

Equinox: DPS maim, maim infinity, sleepquinox, buffquinox, duality.

Trinity: EV, Blessing, Hybrid, Tank.

There are many places where this would help and there is no downside to it.. Besides DE coding it. And since 3 configs are already coded I don't think adding 3 more will be very difficult.


Vectis/Lanka/Vulkar W/Snipetron V and a lot of other weapons: corrosive, viral HM, radiation, gas.

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I can see this being more tailored to Warframes than weapons. Weapons have fallen into mostly single use purposes for me ... aka Lanka, Tigris, Arca Plasmor, etc ... and i feel that if you need 3 loadouts for a Lanka then maybe you're just unorganized.

Regarding Warframes and i'll use Rhino as my example ... you can have a loadout for Stomp, one for Roar and one for Iron Skin ... unless you're using Iron skin for it's dual augment benefits you can technically consider a Roar build capable of achieving similar Iron Skin specs. So it's really up to the user for what they want ... and it's usually maximization of one or two skills. (also Nova, with Ranged Portals, Speedva and Slowva ... is there really a need for more than 3?)

I feel it's the "laze" factor grabbing at you here ... you want to set up for all situations and never touch loadouts again?

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or you just stopping to need a config for each ability!  I know so many players wanna min/maxing each thing. But for real: most mission are easy enough to win with 1 or 2 configs.  And when do you need config D-F? How often? I think its just too low.

And special for weapons: you want other configs just for elementary change?   man thats 2 mods you have to change! its so quickly to change them!

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As much as I would want it as well (more capacity is optional after all), I really don't think it's possible right now. I mean all of those slot expansions, much like Rivens, take up a lot of server space. And since the game has been expanding a lot lately I don't think DE has server space to spare. Unless they go full AAA studio and make EA-kind of cash. Which is unlikely given their honest behaviours. And at that I'll take an honest but small-medium DE to a greedy rich DE. Hence my belief that those slots won't be available so soon. Maybe one or two, since we have 5 factions now (Grineer, Corpus, Infested + Orokin, Sentient).

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