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Is the Plasma sword meant to shove you fowards a tiny bit?



Recently I built this weapon called the Plasma sword. Its really slow, clunky and I hate it, lol.

So before I get rid of it I wanted to know. Is it meant to shove you forwards a tiny little bit when you do melee combo's with it? 

I got the Iron Phoenix mod equipped on it  and every time I do the 3 slash combo it shoves me forwards a tiny bit. My skana doesn't do this, my cronos doesn't do this...

So is this a feature of the Plasma sword? Or is it just such a bad weapon that it even messes up its own melee combos?

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I added the tag "weapons" Because this is about a weapon :)
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It's intended, for all melees actually.

Footwork is basics 101 in melee combat.

Also some stance combos have a few ''dashes'' in them, ranging from short to long ones. Iron Phoenix in peticular uses a tiny one in all of it's combos: first one ends with a lunge; second has a small spin attack jump in the middle.

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