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The Macabre Premier Contest [Winners Announced!]

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I'd like to provide some background for my entry

Entry info: Screenshot and Photoshop, by DeZaruu (PS4)


I early on knew I wanted to do something to pay homage to Night of the Living Dead. However, as I continued to experiment with my idea, I had to change it along the way. I kept my core concept, though! I wanted Umbra Sunder on the poster, yet use it more as a haunting part of the Umbra / Tenno connection.


My entry is Screenshot - everything from within the Captura. I never used the Captura a lot, but was happy to see I could save camera setups, which is how I got both Umbra and Tenno kneeling in same shot (it's two screenshots, I simply blended Umbra into the Tenno shot via photoshop). Additionally, I wanted to portray "Umbra Sunder" gazing upon a serene moment of Umbra and the Tenno.


Fairly happy with the outcome, even it wasn't exactly as I initially planned. 🙂





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Coming October THIS YEAR!

The movie you have all been waiting for, starring all your favorite actors like: Some kid and Lord C'thurdur!

Let the latest instalment from Grustag Productions take your breath away with this new halloween horror extravaganza!

This piece is entirely made with captura mode, except for the black border made in MS paint. I'm competing in the screenshot poster competition.


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