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The Macabre Premier Contest [Winners Announced!]

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10 minutes ago, (PS4)Citizen652 said:

You have to post your image as a BBCode. The upload sites provide this code so just copy and paste.

Thank you, It worked!!

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Hey all.

First time posting, hope you all like. This is for the screenshot since its just captura.



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First time trying something to win plat. Good luck to everyone! (Had to edit this because it had some white line for no reason)


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Not creative enough for this, but playing around in PS is fun no matter if you're good at it.e3htauL.jpg

This one looks a bit better imo (thank google translate for that)


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On 2018-10-19 at 1:00 PM, [DE]Helen said:


What gets your adrenaline pumping? A night in an isolated cabin in the woods? The hungry snarl of a creature in the shadows? Rap… tap… tap? Whatever they are, it’s time to embrace your fears for this contest! We want you to create a Warframe Horror film poster that will make our blood run cold.

We will be accepting 5 screenshot poster winners and 5 art poster winners!

How to enter:

Make a Warframe Horror film poster with an original title and share your creation here!
For screenshot posters, stick to using all the Captura tools!
For art posters, the sky's the limit!


  • 1st place – Chroma Prime Access + Signed and shipped version of your poster to you from the team!
  • 2nd place – 1000 Platinum!
  • 3rd place – 750 Platinum!
  • 4th place – 500 Platinum!
  • 5th place – 250 Platinum!

Need an example?



  • One submission per player    
  • Horror film poster must be made by you! Do not copy other people’s ideas or images    
  • Horror film poster can be digital or physical
  • Horror film poster must be Warframe-related and appropriate for the community Forums    
  • Photoshop is allowed    
  • Do not reserve spots in this thread
  • Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified

Winners will be determined based on creativity and quality of the Warframe horror film poster. Horror film titles will also be taken into consideration!

This contest starts now until November 1 @ 1:00PM ET!


We’re ready to be scared, Tenno! Show us what you’ve got!

I like that alien movie but i dont know the other two

Can someone help me

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