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The Macabre Premier Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Here is my submission:



Originally I wanted the derelict plaza scene and name my poster "Derelict", something I thought will be more original than a Chains of Harrow poster. Instead, I didn't buy the derelict capture scene so I tried to find the darkest scene I have, and I ended up with a Chains of Harrow poster.

I darkened the screenshot I took in photoshop because I couldn't get the exposure I wanted using the captura settings.

The "blood" on the Mios is a color combination that can be done in game, I added sligtly more red in photoshop to make the edge of the weapon stand out more.

As for the title, originally I wanted to go with "Red Veil" and a subtitle "Rap tap tap", but lets face it, someone else might already done it, maybe more. So, I tried to make it more unique and use one of the quotes written in blood on the wall in the Chains of Harrow quest.

Wish everyone the best of luck.

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