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Kinda pleased with how it turned out.


Since I can't sit still without unloading my thought process on you guys, here's an explanation:

Somewhat inspired by The Thing and The Witch, although I tried to put my own spin on it. The lone Tenno stands in bewilderment of something both great and awful. The 'great' and godlike aspect symbolized by the bright, blinding light with a subtle sickly green tinge meant to convey that this thing is sinister and perhaps malicious. Initially, I wanted to get rid of the infested red spots in the background but realized they kind of worked well in adding to the creepy factor, plus it would've been a bit boring had it been monochrome. Both of the Lotus symbols are present with the goal to convey a fall from grace (the distorted New War one at the bottom which is also greenish-yellow) but also to encapsulate the fact that this 'entity' and what is about to happen sort of transcends both of the previous wars. I took the captura photo in every filter and found that the cross process filter does the best job at conveying the kind of atmosphere I'm looking for. I wanted the title to be ominous and monolithic but not distract too much from the overall image (hopefully I succeeded). In the end, the overall presentation felt a bit empty so I decided to add a little something extra ;), which is probably the part I'm most pleased with. With this addition, the "Man in the wall" has gained an identity in my eyes but it also does a great job of conveying what is likely to happen and really drives home the fact that this is a psychological horror story.

(((its the skull in the background)))


Edit: this is for the screenshot category ofc

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