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The Macabre Premier Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Woosh, scary! 😱

My take on this event was from the other side of the Halloween, the fun one! Well, to say it in other words, I'm still scarred from the 'rap tap tap' quest, please no more.

Enough rambling, here is my artsy take on the event. Lets just hope that this movie only plays out as a work of fiction, okay?


And here is the Captura scene:


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14 hours ago, JOHNSMITH11 said:

I'll be honest, how pixelated the pictures you used for the previous version kinda bugged me... but this looks SOOOO much cooler! Bravo!

Thanks man. That's almost exactly how I felt about it too. Sometimes you just gotta do that little bit extra...

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Inspired by the original Friday the 13th poster. Used the Rihno Prime as the murderer because of his bio info in-game. Also all the assets are from the game, taken with captura.

*Re-uploaded as I was uncertain whether or not the edits to the picture would count. Edited out the original post so there's no confusion*


The original

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21 minutes ago, TemariAF said:

Made a Warframe themed movie poster for Media Arts class and got a 96% on it. Changed it up a bit to make it Halloween themed and here it is. Hope you like it.  




As somebody who actively practises lucid dreaming for over two decades, I approve this message.

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