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The Macabre Premier Contest [Winners Announced!]

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My submission !




This is a still from my video (minus the photoshop effects ofc) which can be viewed here, if anyone is interested.

Although the video has no thematic connection with the poster as it only depicts the Tenno and their Warframes answering the Call of Lotus, it can be brought into perspective as the game progresses and the Tenno are made aware of their past.

This is one such offshoot of that timeline. A Tenno revisiting the horrors of the Zariman 10-0 incident and dealing with the consequences that spilled over into present time.

This is my attempt at portraying the dread and foreboding, and consequently the bloody massacre and tragedy that must have prevailed aboard the Zariman 10-0. The Tenno went through unspeakable horrors I cannot even begin to imagine. Abandoned by fate and ravaged by the Void, until all that was human withered away, to reveal the Beast within.

Alternate Viewing Source : https://www.deviantart.com/deusdraconis/art/The-Zariman-Epitaph-Nightmare-on-10-0-770577421

Enjoy 🙂 Happy Halloween to all !

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On 2018-10-19 at 11:00 AM, [DE]Helen said:

share your creation here!

I hope I'm doing good.. (it was so difficult to pick one pose, I really like it more when you look at it dynamically)

Here it is: https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPeGyXPliISXudNJ1NudW6Mo3Gm_7PNA4YOxFQb

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So uh, I'm fairly new to the forum and a returning player. Thing is I already submitted an artwork thinking that it was the last date (My bad I messed up the dates) so I wanted to make some changes to my artwork. Is it possible for me to change my submission?

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