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Eidolon Hunt - can't interact


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Almost on every Eidolon Hunt (or Tridolon).

Sometimes when I die, and get resurrected instead of picking myself up I get a bug that prevents me from doing anything other than running and shooting.

Can't transference, can't use powers, and I can't pick other downed players, as I can't interact with them when prompted.

It lasts like this until I get downed again and res myself up, or die and the res up. If someone picks me up it won't fix the bug.

Usually, it's not too aggravating, unless I'm on the last resurrection. Like a few minutes ago. The very end of the third fight and died 20 seconds before Hydrolist kicked the bucket. I couldn't go into transference to hide in the void mode to avoid his AoE. Got downed, the other didn't make in time to res me, and lost half of the stuff I came for.

Edit: Whenever I try to use an ability I get "The power is already in use", even if it isn't, and when I try to transference I get "the ability is not ready".

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ah yes, this bug never really got removed - more like it envolved over time ^^)

it doesn't happen a lot nowadays though, but still more often than i care for. i had an especially funny variant of it a little while back, where everything but moving (normaly, but not other parkour-moves) and shooting my weapons worked - AND i was in a kind of god-mode, since even when taking the hardest hits from the big-E, i never got any scratch... collecting the loot was possible but a bit... awkward.

the usual way to get rid of this (dying, switching to AW, jumping into the water) didn't work then (well, they actually only works sometimes once in a blue moon or such).

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This happened to me in both of the Eidolon hunts I went on today, and has happened intermittently since I started hunting Eidolons a few months ago. It's usually after I die, but not always. I will be stuck either in operator mode or frame mode and about the only thing I'm able to do is shoot my weapon. I can't use transference or use any of my other abilities. Often it will say "ability already in use" even though it's clearly not. Today I got stuck in frame mode and died during an "energy spike". Someone revived me after that and then everything was normal again, which is weird because I see most people saying that the only way they break out of it is to revive themselves. I was able to use transference and all my abilities and proceed with the hunt. 

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