So, with Fortuna right around the corner and having yet to see a glimpse of how Garuda will perform, I want to share some slight requests. Primarily, the reason for this post stems from the fact that the more recent Warframes don't quite offer something that really makes that character feel unique. Khora has a generic damage dealing first and Nidus' Larva as a second skill. Venari is her redeeming factor and, sadly, is underwhelming. Revenant has Nyx's Mind Control, Iron Skin on steroids, Tidal Surge and pre-fix Peacemaker. With that out of the way, my hopes are that Garuda not only performs well, but also feels unique and even though she is probably near completion, I am hoping for the following: --------------------- Current abilities: "Garuda Your first look at the next Warframe is officially here! We’re trying to avoid categorizing her, but Geoff described her as the contrast to Valkyr in that she’s “elegant and refined” (sorry Megan). Descriptions are nice and all, but let’s take a look at what she can do: PASSIVE: The lower her health, the more damage she does. ONE: Cast upon an enemy to tear them apart with your claws. Doing so summons a shield in front of you to protect you, for a set duration. Additionally, you harvest their blood that can the charged by draining your energy and thrown at enemies to do damage. TWO: Cast upon an enemy to impale them, creating an AOE that drains their life force to heal you. THREE: Cast to lower your health, giving you energy based on the amount of health drained. FOUR: Summon a flurry of blades around you, pulling in enemies and shredding them. You can move around while in the vortex. She also comes with her own signature crossbow!" --------------------- October 21, 2018 I must say, I am loving Garuda so far. However, I have to point out a couple of things: 1. Her shield. Remove it. Make it a cloak of sorts. Not only is it not as useful, but it infringes too much on Volt's territory. I am also hoping that the visuals for the blood orb's explosion gets revised; it's non-existent.  2. I love this ability, it's unique. However, instead of granting HP in bursts, make it a constant healing per second. 3. Her most unique ability. Maybe add a little bit more. Like an acrobatics increase based on the amount of HP sacrificed.  4  This ability takes too much from Revenant's Danse Macabre. Let her summon the blades all around her (granting her some damage reduction) , enemies that approach her receive Slash procs and allow her to aim and send the blades hurling towards enemies. Blades should have punch-through.