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Easier pet selection for QoL

(XBOX)The Neko Otaku

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With the lastest devstream showing off a vacuum mod for pets coming soon many more people will be using kubrows/kavats/helminths more often. But there's still a glaring issue with pets, selecting them.

Selecting sentinels is quick and simple, go the your arsenal and the companions tab and choose what sentinel you want. But with pets it's a long process just to swap them. Go to the incubator put your current pet into stasis, then select the one you want to bring out then rush it's stasis recovery and then finally you go back to your arsenal and select the pet to put on your loadout. Alot of unnecessary step to take compared to grabing a sentinel.

The solution to remove these steps is

1. Give all pets a shared DNA integrity 

Since pets no longer fully die and are automatically put to stasis on critical health it shouldn't be much of a problem the have the shared health bar

2. Display all owned pets in the companion lodout screen

This is so we can quickly switch between pets with out having to go to the incubator, plus this would allow players to have multiple loadouts with different pets on each one allowing for people to have the right pet suited for each loadout.

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Dev time that currently doesn't exist to change a mechanic rather than just wiggle a few variables. Your proposals fundamentally alter how the pet system works along with the UI. Consider what is being done to be the most that will happen before Fortuna and several main patches happen.

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