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Next Open world area idea - The Blood Moon-


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 h e l l o  p e e p s 

so i was thinking about where we could go and have it be pretty original. s o

my idea was a small planet sized mass of rock and infested that was formed in the void or gathered space junk over time 

the planet would have giant eyes the whole 9 yards (spooky)

but seriously, you would have to go into the planet and discover a living ecosystem that the infested formed from a forest of venus flytrap looking things to rivers of blood, the main point of going there is to stop the planet from growing anymore and there would be a story line quest. the little activities in the planet would probably be hunting and some other stuff that il leave to you guys.

so Hunting first when you actually kill/capture an infested creature you can build up resources to get a caged version or a mounted trophy 


Infested walker: and ent like enemy that roams the map and can regenerate if hp and body

the only way to fully kill one of the walkers is to use fire dmg 


Infested crawler: giant boil filled spiders that will run up and explode when their hp is low. before this they will shoot infested webs at you slowing you down, preventing jumping and poison you.

they live in the caves of the map usually guarding special collectibles 


Jormun: a giant snake that will roam the map hiding from players and waiting in water/blood. this infested worm/snake will be the main little boss of the area and if you are caught off guard it can and will kill you. the main way to actually summon it is to use the tracking from the hunting and to get it out of water fishing spears.

jormun will have stages where you will need to slowly shoot the Armour on him off. if he gets all his armour he will become very powerful (think nergigante)


The main city will actually be in the sky built near a artificial sun that radiates energy the people have built a city that hangs from the top of this small planet.

The main focus of this city will actually be factions. there will be four factions that fight in a gladiator like arena. Players will either fight miniboss like enemies or other players. after the fight the winner will be given prizes and sigils that show their rank in the fighting pit.

ranking up also gives better rewards the last reward being a gladiator like skin for players.


So thats all my ideas. are they crap? are they good? tell me whatcha think, im not gonna cry because my idea is wack so dont worry.


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