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The Sacrifice (Weird Ending not mentioned in Wiki)



Just completed The Sacrifice quest. Got back to my Lander and received the email with the alternate helmet & other goodies.

Not seeing the Man in the Wall anywhere, I went to my quarters and found him / it sitting on the pedestal where the Lotus' helmet was. It just laughed at me before vanishing.

I touched the helmet and got sent on this weird re-run of the Apostasy Prologue...except the MITW was taunting me the whole way and side-tracking me with shadowy replicas that attacked me, inside walls of fire.

After reaching the place where Margulis / Natah was freed by Ballas first time around, I suddenly found myself transported to some weird place...Ballas' personal Hell? He has been disfigured and is lamenting his state.

I keep being given points to dash to - but just seem to be going round in circles. Given that you have 4 places to jump to from any given point, how are you supposed to finish this "mini-quest"?


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Sorry , I meant


Placing stuff in this space so the ones who havent done the quest arent spoiled by reading it

Or pick the best answer as you do not have any queries left.

Or edit the titles and have [spoilers] in beginning if neither is possible for you.

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