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Helene Saturne


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FIssure Meso

One grineer is stucked behind the wall, no way to get him out or to kill it. There was similar buf in The Division devs have made a system to prevent this, an auto kill when the npc is stucked behind a zone non reacheable for the players. I suggest you do the same. I was forced to abandon the mission so it's a game Breaking bug, please fix it. 


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Hey there. Sadly it is not a game breaking bug, even though I had it happen to me quite a number of times and on other maps.

Use AOE dmg from weapons and abilities, such as Ember, Saryn etc. and Arca Plasmor, Amprex or Staticor, being examples, if you know where they are stuck exactly.

A game breaking bug is a bug that constantly occurs in most areas and hinders you to complete progressive quests that unlock other areas or missions.

A game breaking bug would be a junction quest not working properly as that would hinder you to advance to other planets.

Have fun and enjoy.

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