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Jackonaught Stuck


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6 missions in a row. Thanks

Worst event ever. 
Playing public is impossible as everyone is constantly breaking pumpkin stacks, enemies break pumpkin stacks, Juggernaught get stuck in random places, or misses entierly, poison attacks, no UI markers for the power cores (leaving first timers and new players not knowing wtf) BS connections, and the fact that its pitch black dark.. So even if you do manage to kill him, you or someone in your team gets stuck and you miss the rewards anyways. I dont like how you consider an entire squad as a "personal best" Since I could have had it killed by 698 (like I did) yet have to wait on Jim bob who got stuck making it to extraction and doesnt know/ want to use the /unstuck command. GG DE. GG


OOOOOOO gotta love those people who come in and break all the pumpkins.


after 22 tries I got 669, nice.

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You can just do it solo, the other part of the mission, finding the cores isn't that hard, and in all missions you can use ciphers, but the jack-o-naughts AI is pretty garbage, If I must say so my self.

The cores and their consoles do show up when you get within ~20 meters of them.

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I've run this mission several times now and it's frustrating to say the least. Usually because whenever I spawn starting out in public mission everyone else is already far ahead and I'm surrounded by a mob of enemies who take me out before I start moving. That's to say nothing about navigation both for players coming and going in the mission and for the Juggernaut who's jumping all over the place like a rabbit on a sugar rush.

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