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Clan Vault Expansion


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'SImple' expansion to Vault.

Clan Vaults gain the ability to store tradable items.

Clanmates can donate tradable items to the vault. Clan members can inspect and request the tradable items in the vault.

Assuming the clan is not a solo clan, a member further up in the clan hierarchy, or another warlord then determines to grant or deny the request.

The player then receives the items as a message attachment. A player can request 5 items this way per day. 

Security layers:

Add an interim period between a player donating and requesting of at least 5 minutes to reduce the chance of duplicating items.

To stop players from using the vault as a base for quick start trade bots, add a hex code to each item given via request. The hex code determines that the item cannot be traded for x amount of time, where x is long enough to deter foul play.

Clan management tab logs requested items and whether the request was granted or not.



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