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Lost many items from gear wheel after Halloween event missions


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While trying to do the sortie I discovered that my gear items are gone when I tried to use an air support charge. I lost 100s of cyphers (I have 119 left after I lost the 200 that were equipped), all my air support charges, archwing launcher, all my pads, etc... My advanced cutter and fishing spear still appear in my gear wheel but not in my inventory. My synsthesise scanner is not working even though it technically still shows up in the gear wheel and I suspect it would be the same for my fishing and mining gear of I tried to use it. Basically anything that was equipped I lost at the time was lost. I'm submitting a ticket as well because I'm pretty upset about losing so much stuff and would like it back. 


Edit: just went to Cetus to check and they are indeed offering the advanced mining laser and fishing spear for sale again. Really hoping support can return all these things to me, not looking forward to having to waste standing and resources for items I would already have.

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