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Any Tips for Emblem Design


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I was just wondering if there were any members of the community who might be able to shed light on unforeseen concerns to be had when designing and establishing a clan/alliance emblem. Such as any discrepancies between what the intended look was versus the actual in-game product. Are there any colors that look fishy in-game? Are darker colors easier to see within the world of Warframe? Do you wish you'd added greater contrast throughout your composition on the drawing board? Just anything that might help me before I commit to paying plat for the submission of an emblem. Thanks in advance! 😊

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2 minutes ago, (PS4)BigBaby9999 said:

Just anything that might help me before I commit to paying plat for the submission of an emblem

If you do not object to waiting long periods, you can contact support and show them the planned logo. You should always highlight the concerns and questions you have if you decide to do that. If you have not already done so, make sure you read the available information on logo design. Always run a reverse image check through Google to make sure you are not breaching any copyright laws; if it is available for commercial use with modifications, that is okay. Anything else is not. My suggestion is that you make the basic design first, then consider the colours. You can try combinations to see what looks good. Then you can preview it as an emblem (only the best one, just in case you hit the wrong button).

  • DE's Guide
  • DE's Restrictions
  • If you make one and upload it, DE does allow you to make small changes without paying again. This is only if it does not look correct in-game. If this happens, tell them immediately.


My clan went with a fairly simple design, and it turned out quite well. The textured pattern on mine does not work so well when displayed on the shoulder. DE does show you this when you are submitting the logo. But I think it is useful to have a look at some designs before getting carried away. I put some images in the spoiler.


Original Design (white background was removed):




In game profile:


Clan Emblem:


Dojo Banner:



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