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Excalibur 3rd ability changes.


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Radial Javelin is pretty much among some of the weakest AOE damage abilities to be a 3. however, i understand if DE does not want to make the ability like his original ult or at least have as much impact as an ultimate ability.

i dont really want to go for a completely reworked ability. radial javalin was hyped in one of the game's earliest cinematics so i do want to keep some form of it in the game. this opinion is based on myself who was drawn into the game because of this cinematic and that ability. plus in King Arthur lore, Arthur had a spear that he used to kill a witch (or something like that.) 

so, and i really need you guys and gals to follow me on this, replace Radial Javelin with a self healing ability.

the ability would be called "Sheath" and it would heal Excalibur passively for energy once activated (or is a duration ability, whatever is fair). the ability would also remove and make Excalibur immune to status procs (like bleeding damage). however any attack, shifting to sprint, or bullet jumping will cancel the ability.

this ability would also be a nod to another King Arthur myth; the Scabbard of Excalibur that stopped bleeding no matter how deep the wound and said to have healing abilities as well.

as a melee frame, i feel as if Excalibur needs a self heal even with the amount of armor he has.

as for Radial Javalin, i think it would be a great idea to change his third ability while Exalted blade is active to Radial Javalin and have it just damage enemies in front of him (reduce energy cost too). than players wont be able to use "Sheath" to heal while Exalted Blade is active. which is a fair trade off IMO.

as for a "Sheath" augment, i think it would be creative to automatically activate "Sheath" when Exalted blade is deactivated for no energy cost for a certain duration. that a way, players can utilize this when they use all of their energy on exalted blade or other abilities.

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31 minutes ago, peterc3 said:

A healing skill in Warframe where you cannot move fast, probably activated around the things that damaged you or other things that could damage you.

its so that it is least effective in these situations. the ability would not only heal, it would remove and make Excalibur immune to all status procs. to me, there needs to be some kind of limitation. the ability is meant to be convenient, not to be used under heavy fire or to save your life while under fire. basically an ability to use between enemy swarms or when you are out of combat.

this is balanced so that the ability is aloud to be more complex and creative rather than a simple self heal. otherwise, yeah, it would be fair if Excalibur could self heal while moving around freely, but that would be too simple.

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23 hours ago, (XB1)bioblaze10656 said:

His 3 should be some kind of self buff

Excalibur is already one of the strongest DPS frames in the game with average CC and decent armor for a melee frame. so a damage or a resistance buff ability would not be necessary. i just think he needs an ability to recover between fights.

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