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Mastery Rank 23 Test granting mastery rank 22


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I have no idea what this is, but I completed mastery rank 23 test, and I'm still mastery rank 22 and I need to wait 24 hours.

If you think I am joking or lying:
Also I'm sure that banner is supposed to say Mastery Rank 23 with a silver logo, not mastery 22.
I should be the rank of Silver Dragon, not Dragon and I didn't receive any rewards or changes.


As of this Edit: I did end up recording me doing this a second time, it did end up giving me mastery 23, there must be something wrong with the time in mastery rank 23 test, say finishing at bellow 2 mins time remaining will count as a failure even if you did successfully complete it. I will end up publishing the recording here of me completing it much faster this time, here eventually. There was no way I could reproduce the bug, so I'm estimating its something to do with the completion time.





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