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Warframe Concept - Dourga (Melee warframe / possible Garuda rethink)


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Warframe Concept: Dourga

(Name is based off Dorga [from Hinduism], other possible names could be based on the six armed giants, the Gegenees [from Greek mythology], idk I'm bad at names)
(Alternatively, you could look at this as what Garuda could have been instead of another Revenant 4 button)

Calm yet deadly, protective yet violent, Dourga is a master of flow of battle, summoning ethereal blades to cut down her foes and shield allies in peril.

Base stats:
Health 100 (300 at rank 30)
Shield 100 (300 at rank 30)
Armor  300
Energy 125 (185 at rank 30)
Sprint Speed 1.15


Dourga is able to wield and control ethereal blades through a blade stack meter. Blade stack(s) can be used to augment her normal melee attacks (each gives 5% additive with serration-like mods) as well as her 4th ability. She has a maximum stack limit of 16 (affected by power strength), the buff lasts for 20 seconds, and decays by 1 stack every 5 seconds afterwards but is refreshed whenever she acquires a new stack.

1st ability (Discipline):
[20 energy]
Dourga summons an ethereal sword and slashes at enemies in front of her. This can be casted again for half energy cost (up to 3 in a row). Generates one blade stack per cast.

  • First cast slashes left->right, second cast slashes bottom_right->top_centre, third cast slashes top_centre->bottom_centre.
  • Damage dealt is 150/180/220/270 for the first two casts and 200/240/290/350 for the third cast (affected by power strength). Damage type is split 8|16|76 IPS.
  • Each cast takes 0.5 seconds and is considered a one-handed ability (unaffected by power duration).
  • Each attack has a base range of 3 meters (affected by power range).

2nd ability (Rescind):
[40 energy]
Dourga summons a blade and swipes it in a large frontal arc, damaging all enemies in its range and bringing them all within melee range. Enemies are momentarily stunned (but not knocked down) when brought into melee range. Generates one blade stack per cast.

  • Damage dealt is 100/120/160/200 and is split 20|48|32 IPS (affected by power strength).
  • Duration of stun is 1.5 seconds (affected by power duration). Stunned enemies are resistant to future stuns for the next 3 seconds after the stun effect ends.
  • Range is 6/10/16/24 meters (affected by power range).

3rd ability (Devotion):
[70 energy]
Dourga focuses her attention in front of her, summoning ethereal blades that seek out enemy attacks. While active, the blades will parry all (enemy) melee attacks, cut through any (enemy) bullets directed through it, and causes (enemy) projectiles fired to explode/bounce off prematurely (i.e. negate incoming melee damage, gives damage reduction against incoming hitscan damage, and causes projectiles to terminate when they hit this field). Generates one blade stack every 10 attacks blocked up to a maximum of 5 per cast (unaffected by power strength).

  • Damage reduction for incoming hitscan attacks are 50%/60%/75%/90% (unaffected by power strength). Incoming melee damage is negated completely but incoming projectiles that explode will not have their damage reduced (hello there bombards). This damage mitigation affects all allies including Dourga herself within the area of effect.
  • Casting time is instantaneous and lasts for 10/15/22/31 seconds (affected by power duration)
  • Area of effect is a 120 degree cone centered on your cursor and extends up to 7/9/12/16 meters away (cone "depth" affected by power range)

4th ability (Rectify):
[16 energy on cast | 2.5 energy per second drain + 0.5 energy per blade stack]
Dourga unleashes her judgement, summoning (and levitating) 8 ethereal blades (4 per side) in which she uses to slice and dice up enemies. One blade stack is consumed every 2 seconds, increasing her damage and the number of hits per attack. All other abilities can be casted while channeling this ability, however, they will not generate new blade stacks until this ability is turned off.
While channeling this ability, Dourga gains access to a unique stance.

  •     Combo 1: E E E E
    • Attacks four times in a row, each time with four blades on one side of her. Each attack has a range of 8 meters.
  •     Combo 2: E E E+RightClick E E E E
    • Attacks twice (similar to the first two hits of Combo 1) then strikes forward with all eight blades (3rd attack), passing through all enemies and causing a guaranteed IPS proc (33% chance for each). Each blade stops at regular, set distances from Dourga with the furthest one being at 8 meters and the nearest being 1 meter away. Dourga then performs a 360 degrees spin attack with all the blades in unison (4th attack), splits the blades back into two groups, followed by 2 more attacks (5th and 6th attack) and a slam (8th attack). The last three attacks do double damage.
  •     Combo 3: E E E+hold E E
    • First two attacks are same as Combo 1. Blades then circle around Dourga for one complete rotation, each at the 3 meters away from her (3rd attack). These blades then travel outwards up to a distance of 6 meters, staggering any enemy that walks within their paths (4th attack). Dourga then retracts these blades with one final swipe (5th attack). The last attack does double damage.


  • Each blade deals 48/56/64/72 damage and counts as a separate instance of damage whenever they hit an enemy (affected by power strength). Damage is split 4|8|88 IPS.
  • For example, attacking with the first hit of combo 1 will with a rank 30 warfame will deal 4 instances of 72 damage each as she attacks with 4 blades. The third attack of combo 2, however, will deal 8 instances of 72 damage each as Dourga uses all 8 blades in that attack.
  • For each blade stack that Dourga uses, all hits will deal 10% more damage (additive with power strength) and every attack will deal one extra hit (unaffected by power strength). This does not change the overall attack rate, however, as the time between attacks (not hits) remains the same as before.
  • All consumed blade stacks are depleted when the ability ends

The blade stacks counter is mainly used to augment her melee potential, giving her an edge in cutting down large groups of enemies. This also allows her 4th ability to do more damage the longer it is channeled for. Her 1st ability is mainly used to build up these blade stacks while still being useful for small group clearing. Her 2nd ability helps group up enemies that are out of the range on her 1 as well as providing some form of crowd control. Her 3rd ability gives Dourga and her squadmates a bit more survivability (or a lot if you are skilled enough) although not as much as nezha's or trinity's 90% damage reduction from all sources. Finally, her 4th ability has large scaling damage and a high attack speed, allowing her to potentially melt groups of heavy units (when built for slash or corrosive). Dourga is nowhere near as tanky as Valkyr or Rhino however, so she must remain active in the fight as any angle not covered by her 3 can be an opening for enemies.

(On a side note, this mainly fixes the problem of being a press-button-to-win like revenant is with his 4 (and maybe even garuda with her 4). Dourga does less damage than Excalibur with her exalted weapon when she has 0 blade stacks but once she gets 16 stacks, she effectively does 3 times as much damage as exalted blade (72 * (1 + 1.6) * 4 hits/attack) =  750 per attack with base power strength while excal does 250 per attack at base. However, similar to valkyr, she experiences increased energy drain the more blade stacks she consumes so she can't just solely be running with her 4. Perhaps Garuda's 4 can be changed into something of this sort before her release or else she'll also get nerfed due to her having the set-it-and-leave-it playstyle that DE disapproves of.)

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