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Arsenal Color Bug


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My favourite colors have been erased in the warframes, weapons etc. coloring menu.

In addition, everytime i log into the game, my newly applied color schemes are erased.

That happened 3 times now.

Please look into that, because getting back that ideal color scheme every time is pretty impossible.

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same happened to me.

my favourite colours all gone. i noticed missing colours was always the legacy ones. also only happened when i unlock/claimed a new normal frame, next login legacy colours in my favourite will be missing. its been like this ever since chimera patch released if not wrong.

DE please look into this asap.


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I had the same thing happen!

It started Tuesday. I logged in and the Classic and Classic Saturated set of color pallets changed. Both of them were more bright and vibrant, looking nearly identical. It messed me up because I went to color a weapon to a scheme I had already built, but the original colors no longer were available as a coloring option.

However, the original classic colors remained. It was odd and frustrating that those colors were still applied but I could no longer apply them to anything else. So, I decided to just to change my scheme to those new colors.

The next day, the colors changed back to how they were originally. So, I had to recolor everything again. It was good for a while until Saturday.

I logged in and it happened again. This time it removed all the color changes I had made with those pallets, earasing the schemes I had built and then replacing odd color pieces on not just frames but weapons, sydanas, and companions. Some, of them were different colors others just were wiped off the scheme to the natural color. On top of that any movable sigil would just flip around, expand, and lose all it’s color; front and back. It did this to every frame, weapon and sentinel, not just a select few like last time. It’s become really frustrating and disorientating because the colors would switch in levels too. If on the scheme of a weapon or frame had remained empty, it would randomly change a color. It drove me nuts. I have to take a break at this point.

Please fix this as soon as possible. 

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