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Companion and Specter Glitches


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(Couldn't find this topic anywhere, but if it exists, feel free to merge if possible)

I've noticed that companions are really glitchy, mostly with them getting stuck or lost in missions.
My kavat would get stuck in a room or area, and regardless of what I do, she either just stares at the walls or runs in place. *Sometimes* she will teleport next to me after I've gone far, but that rarely happens. There was even a time my kavat was inside the floor somehow.
My kubrow (a Sunika) would randomly stare at consoles... I have no idea what that's about, as the pup doesn't have mods or abilities that allows it to hack consoles (wouldn't that be neat though!). Nevertheless, I'd notice that my kubrow isn't fighting and when I go find her, there she is nose deep into a console screen.
Specters- I would load them up on a defense mission, and my specter would just sit there not shooting or doing anything. I've found that interacting with the follow/hold position would sometimes fix it.

Here's my kubrow staring at a console.


What gives?
Has anyone noticed similar issues?

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