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Sugestion Aura Effects It Attacks.


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Hello there,


i here to sugestion some AURA effects to heros,


Frost - some Aura who slow or chance to freeze enemy around in % it cool fog ice effect sunrround the hero


Ash - a Ash effect around not Smoke.. who have chance to miss  and cool effect around hero.


Void - Lightning effect who have chance to thunder enemys around like chain lighthing.


i think some effects are realy poor like frost, it snowballs.. and ash.. who its not a ash effetc.. its smoke..and another heroes..


thx a lot







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On a serious note, anymore tweaks to the aura system would make it OP. I mean it gives a bonus AND an increase in your mod point capacity. It's fine the way it is.


Personally, I do see some margin for changes in the aura system. I mean currently, after all the updates to it, it still only presents you with a choice between either using energy siphon, or formaing the aura slot to ~ polarity and then using energy siphon.


No more glowy fx though please, at least not without an option to turn it off.

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