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No Damage Reduction from Adaptation, Phantom Resistances


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I noticed that since the patch which fixed the bug with adaptation, it's seem to provide little if any damage reduction at all.  I was vindicated when i tested this in game.

With 90% DR:



Without Adaptation:




Ancient Healer for Scale:



Even without counting the individual damage numbers, just the damage indicators show a massive difference which shows that Adaptation is malfunctioning since the update.  I was first clued onto this, however, when I noticed another bug crop up, Phantom Resistances:





Whatever was done to fix the invulnerability bug seems to have entirely prevented this mod from functioning correctly at all, or at least in any measurable way.  Could be as simple as it being 0.9% damage reduction instead of 0.9 damage reduction, but whatever the case it's impact on incoming damage is no longer measurable.

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