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Better Arbitrations


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The arbitrations in their current state are pretty boring and not that difficult, at least in my opinion.Here's what i'd change:


- Instead of making the enemies invulnerable using those drones you could make it so a mini-boss will spawn every minute (in survival), every wave (in defense), every time you have control over all the towers (interception) and i don't know when in defection.

- Increase spawn rates

- Give the enemies modifications (like nightmare missions, but instead of debuffing the player buff the enemies: increased damage, speed, damage resistance and things like that)

- Instead of having the drones make enemies invincible, make them debuff the player (decrease damage, decrease shields, cold procs)


- Increase resource and/or credit drops during the mission

- Add relic packs to the vendor (maybe even radiant relic packs)

- Add build forma to the vendor

- Add potatoes to the vendor

- Add an armor set or syandana to the vendor 

- Add a Arbiters of Hexis color pallet to the vendor


Maybe some of them are kinda unbalanced but you can just make them more expensive. (talking about the rewards)

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