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I think lotus is trolling me.


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The pistol riven I got for this dev stream's Gift of the Lotus was a Bolto Vexi-heratin +64.6 Magazine Capacity, +104.6% Zoom, +131.9% Electricity, -233.7% Damage.

It is a good thing Lotus has joined the sentients as there is no way a friend would ever gift someone a turd that big.

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2 minutes ago, (PS4)Equinox21697 said:

I think that's compatible with the akbolto prime as well so it isn't as bad as my cesta riven 😞

it's not. single versions of the weapon are classed as being separate from the dual version. 

anyway, i got shafted too, my 4th Zakti Riven. got a War Riven from a transmute though, so silver linings and all that.

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