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Standardizing ability mods


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Hey there,

I guess I wouldn't be the first to suggest and definitely not the last to ask for standard numbers for power mods.

Corrupted mods are the main offenders with the new set mods and some of the older nightmare mods sharing the same fate.

Blind rage, narrow minded are two contenders for an easy fix.

100% power strength/power duration

Both perhaps you have the standard of 55% or 65% depending on best way to do it.
Having equal numbers across the board would certainly make it aesthetically pleasing and perhaps a minor buff here and there for the mods to bring them to measure.

Perhaps there could also be scaling of mods of sorts...

Using power range as an example:

Basic/refinement: 30% augur reach

Standard: 45% stretch

Prestige: 60-75% range (power range/strength etc)

Corrupted: overextended - buffed to 100% due to standardizing, with standardized negative to match.

Thank you for reading,


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