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Defection – gamemode revision ideas


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Nine out of ten doctors agree that defection missions are pretty hideous for your nerves. Per se, the idea of escorting squads isn't bad, so before I start suggesting what to add, lemme enumerate what should be shaved off:

  • The infested presence makes less sense than Grineer/Corpus presence.
    • Kavor defectors might as well send a sideband distress call for the Tenno to come rescue them, with regular Grineer presence on board of the galleon.
  • The plunging health of the escort targets drops too quickly.
    • I suggest entirely scrapping the "toxic atmosphere" schtick and instead turning to the regular rescue target mechanic, making this effectively a "mobile rescue" mode akin to how we have a mobile defence alongside a "static" defence. The health pods should stay, though, as rallying places for the rescue targets (i often see the last one lagging behind when they spawn).
  • I've often seen them get stuck in random places, completely static and then drop dead. One such place being the rim of a circular Grineer door or a specific point along a Corpus railing on the Neptune defection mission. This is more of a problem with the predetermined paths down the tile geometry rather than anything else, but it can still fail players a mission if they do everything right but the AI doesn't.
    • I suggest applying the mechanic that rescue targets use, except with the removal of the insta-teleport and the parkour elements.
  • If there still have to be environmental hazards, then they should be something visible and regulable.
    • I suggest the same kind of ship damage as on sabotage missions. Continued gameplay past rotation B will induce one of the three elemental damages to the ship, the rationale being that prolonged fighting has catastrophically damaged the ship's cooling/heating/gravity system. A voicebit from the Lotus would chime in at that point saying something along the lines of "Continued fighting has ruptured the cooling systems on the ship. The leaks are causing severe hazards across the vessel. This will make it more difficult for the rescue targets as well."
  • Taunts on Corpus ship defections should trigger taunts from Nef Anyo or Frohd Bek, even if the rescue targets are the Kavor.
    • Nef could say something (keeping his schitt-eating grin, of course) like "Worry not, Tenno, as for every indentured labourer that you rescue, I have another one to take their place. Is the path of Profit not a joyous one?"
    • I imagine Frohd's lines would be something along the lines of "Don't fool yourself, Tenno. Whatever handful of assets you steal is negligible in my ledgers."
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I like the ideas you mentioned, the first idea is great (infested don't make sense at all). It is up to DE if they want to change it. Presonaly,I would like to see this concept you mentioned. Defectio need to be changed-idea was great,but not executed to it's full potencial.

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