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Hallowed Nightmares Feedback


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While seeing this "copy-paste" fourth time in a row, I heavily disappointed how simplified and with same old bugs it is. No hidden caches as before. And still no atmosphere of Halloween (eye-hurting black blindness is not the atmosphere). 

Here is what I think about how to improve yearly events overall:

1. Thematic melody. You can even start the little contest to make a simple thematic melody in mandachord or with third-party programs. (Thou maybe it's not that necessary.)

2. Peculiar Mods. You can add a Halloween themed mod for example dropped from hidden caches. Even with same 2.5% chance 😛

3. Lighting. Make it atmospheric. Not eye-hurting. 

I suppose there can be made even more simple yet interesting improvements (you can write them in comments). 

P.S. I'm not speaking about current event (it's beyond saving 😛) but the ones coming next year. I only hope DE read this...

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