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Decent Riven Shop [20/10]Updat with DOPE/God/good/COLLECTORS Rivens for Meta & non-meta weapons ''primaries-secondaries-meles'' get Yourself Ready for VENUS TENNO !

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[Update 19/10] SOLD  vectis/synapse/grakata/twin rogga --|--  ADDED new : dragon nikana/nukor/tiberon/GRAM

[Update 20/10] SOLD : Rubico-satits/tiberon --|-- ADDED new : Sexy  :clem:grakata :clem: & dope corinth

Selling som hot rivens that look like som  magenta cards for ;[from  (a-Z)]   🐤 Artax ,attica, akstiltto, afuris ; broken scepter, burst  laser ;cyath, corinth , detron, dehtat, flux rifel ,grakata , gorgon ,gram , hema, hind,  kesheg, lex ,lato, magnus ,mewan, nukor, opticor, quanta, rubico, sybaris ,sepfahn, soma ,sniptron ,sweeper ,scoliac, ,twin gremlins ,twin vipers ,tipedo , vectis,  war,

Feel all free to counter offer for any of those .. because only few of them that have really fix prices (my babies)

also message me where u guys want

i can make test videos if needed

0uA11Y8.png  24kpl for the  artax .. expensive for no reason .. but you guys like em




 som of my personal rivens for sale 'kinda overpriced'



Thank you & have a nice day my dear Tennos


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ya naver no
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