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WTS RIVEN's #repost8


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<<<<Note that RIVEN's mite have slightly different stats because of DE Riven disposition chances>>>>

https://ibb.co/mLicvp Akvasto SOLD OUT 

https://ibb.co/nygrMU Attica damage& multi fire rate 300p


https://ibb.co/b4pNT9 buzlok the fun slowmo bullet with negative fight speed 50p 

https://ibb.co/j6Ud1U dera 120p

https://ibb.co/iSC989 hek 250p Unroll 

https://ibb.co/izeBMU kunai 170p


https://ibb.co/gtU0Fp Magnus Unroll 70p   SOLD OUT

https://ibb.co/eOHy1U pox 50p

https://ibb.co/gETGo9 sobek 150p

https://ibb.co/hvWEap twin kohmak     <---- SOLD OUT

https://ibb.co/eXj6LK   Detron   80p  <--- SOLD OUT


https://ibb.co/d5mAkU   Sybaris Riven Unroll 60p    <---SOLD OUT


https://ibb.co/eXuK2K     Strun *. <--- SOLD OUT 

https://ibb.co/e0GA9z     Strun  *new Unroll  90p. <---- SOLD OUT 

https://ibb.co/cpARhK    Sobek   Unroll  80p    <---- SOLD OUT 

https://ibb.co/c44JxK      Arca plasmor    Unroll  450p  <---SOLD OUT 


https://ibb.co/eu5dkf       Drakgoon  50p

https://ibb.co/gxmjQf      Kohm      400p

https://ibb.co/iRSDJ0     Serro        120p

https://ibb.co/ixDaWL     Serro         250p

https://ibb.co/kQaB5f     Tiberon      350p

https://ibb.co/eGkYJ0     Tiberon      550p


https://ibb.co/cH7sGL    Nukor       40p   <--- SOLD OUT 

https://ibb.co/iKvCGL       Zylok    85p  <---- SOLD OUT 


https://ibb.co/ffkRRLl       Stradavar    180p 


(link missing)          Unroll Attica V polarity     80p


https://ibb.co/dCeXa0    Astilla   120p

https://ibb.co/hgmpNf,    Boar    100



 ill respond faster on psn message 

add me on warframe and send me a message there too if needed 

hopefully all those Rivens have decent prices on them 

thank you for your time Tenno's

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