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Mission Bug - Second Dream: Follow the Stalker. Unable to Complete. No Void Key Drop


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Second Dream: Follow the Stalker

Neso (Neptune) 10/20/18  Between 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST USA

While playing the mission: "The Second Dream" - Follow the Stalker; I killed the Sentient drone and no void key dropped to open the portal and the  Sentient drone corpse disintegrated.  The Portal Terminal says that it requires a void key to open portal which there never a void key that dropped after killing the Sentient drone.

I checked my inventory and there was no key there.   I then checked for help on the forums they suggested to shut down the War Frame game check to make sure the game was updated with the latest version and replay  the mission.

So I did that shut down the game checked to make sure the game had the most current version of updates and replayed the Mission: Second Dream: Follow the Stalker. This time there was no Sentient drone to fight to see if the void key would drop after killing it and the Portal Terminal Still says that it requires a void key to open portal.

At this point I'm Unable to Complete the Second Dream: Follow the Stalker Mission and I'm at a stand still with continuing my War Frame Story line.

Any Help is appreciated, Thank you 


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  23 hours ago, Stormwylf said:

Did you go all the way back to the portal? That's where I found the key even though I had killed it about midway.

This WORKED!!!

Thank you so much Stormwylf!!!!!  I don't know why this Void Key was not in this location the other day Weird.

Thank you again Stormwylf!   

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